Here you find my robots for the programming game RoboCode.


Download Exterminans2oo8 Build 0411
Radar: Wide lock
Movement: Anti-Gravity
Targeting: Set of VirtualGuns, best is selected dynamically. Guns: HeadOn, Circular, Linear, AverageLinear, Circular GuessFactor
Additional features: Changes color when hit by bullet, wall or robot
Codeweight: MegaBot

Exterminans 2007

Download Exterminans version [2007-01-29]
Radar: Spinning radar
Movement: Moves in the direction of shots, thus heading to the enemy
Targeting: Head-On
Codeweight: MiniBot


Download Nanospray
Radar: Fixed radar
Movement: towards enemy when found, else in a circle
Targeting: Head-On
Codeweight: NanoBot


Download Cruiser
Radar: Spinninh radar
Movement: More or less random with a bit of stupid wall smoothing
Targeting: Circular (incomplete)
Codeweight: MegaBot