Implements support for UNIX tar archives.


Interface Summary
TarInputStream.EntryFactory This interface is provided, with the method setEntryFactory(), to allow the programmer to have their own TarEntry subclass instantiated for the entries return from getNextEntry().
TarProgressDisplay This interface is provided to TarArchive to display progress information during operation.

Class Summary
FastTarStream Special class designed to parse a Tar archive VERY FAST.
tar The tar class implements a weak reproduction of the traditional UNIX tar command.
TarArchive The TarArchive class implements the concept of a tar archive.
TarBuffer The TarBuffer class implements the tar archive concept of a buffered input stream.
TarEntry This class represents an entry in a Tar archive.
TarEntryEnumerator Enumerate the contents of a "tar" file.
TarGzOutputStream Outputs tar.gz files.
TarHeader This class encapsulates the Tar Entry Header used in Tar Archives.
TarInputStream The TarInputStream reads a UNIX tar archive as an InputStream.
TarOutputStream The TarOutputStream writes a UNIX tar archive as an OutputStream.
TarTransFileTyper This interface indicates if a file qualifies for ASCII translation.

Exception Summary
InvalidHeaderException This exception is used to indicate that there is a problem with a TAR archive header.

Package Description

Implements support for UNIX tar archives.

This package implements the UNIX tar archive, as well as an equivalent of the tar command.

The package makes use of the Java Activation package to support the translation of ASCII files via MIME types. This allows you to convert text files, based on their extension, as you archive and extract files.

The package is designed to allow you to integrate tar archive support into any Java application.