VLC Skin Editor • Development page

You can find the latest development source code of the VLC Skin Editor in the VideoLAN SVN repositories. The URL is http://svn.videolan.org/skin-designer/trunk. You can browse it online via WebSVN at svn.videolan.org.

There is also a building guide available in the repository.

If you want to familiarize yourself with the code check out the UML diagram and the JavaDoc.

When you want to participate in developing the Skin Editor, register at the skin-designer mailing list and send a mail to it. If you're not registered your mails sent there will not be received.

Latest development builds

The development builds are named by the SVN revision they are built of.

VLCSkinEditor_r219.zip953 KB2012-03-01T13:24:20+00:00
VLCSkinEditor_r218.zip944 KB2011-11-08T20:35:29+00:00
VLCSkinEditor_r217.zip935 KB2011-06-05T11:41:01+00:00
VLCSkinEditor_r216.zip935 KB2011-04-02T06:52:43+00:00
VLCSkinEditor_r214.zip926 KB2011-03-19T14:57:41+00:00
VLCSkinEditor_r213.zip917 KB2011-03-01T09:55:00+00:00
VLCSkinEditor_r212.zip908 KB2010-09-12T11:30:57+00:00
VLCSkinEditor_r211.zip899 KB2010-07-03T08:35:36+00:00
VLCSkinEditor_r209.zip898 KB2010-07-02T11:51:41+00:00
VLCSkinEditor_r207.zip815 KB2010-02-23T20:39:03+00:00


Rev 220
altglass -- 3 file(s) modified
Added Basque translation by Xabier Aramendi
+ /trunk/lang/eu.txt
~ /trunk/lang/languages.txt
~ /trunk/README.TXT

Rev 219
altglass -- 3 file(s) modified
Added Hebrew translation by Yaron Shahrabani
+ /trunk/lang/he.txt
~ /trunk/lang/languages.txt
~ /trunk/README.TXT

Rev 218
altglass -- 3 file(s) modified
Added Estonian translation by Olav Mägi
+ /trunk/lang/et.txt
~ /trunk/lang/languages.txt
~ /trunk/README.TXT

Rev 217
altglass -- 3 file(s) modified
Added Italian translation by Lorenzo Marrocchi
+ /trunk/lang/it.txt
~ /trunk/lang/languages.txt
~ /trunk/README.TXT

Rev 216
altglass -- 1 file(s) modified
Update Czech language file with correct UTF-8 encoding
~ /trunk/lang/cz.txt

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